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How Yolla’s Cheap Calls to Russia Could’ve Saved Me

Travelling isn’s as easy as it might seem. It is especially the case if you are doing it alone. Being far away from home on your own is a perfect setting for awkward and unpredictable situations when everything goes wrong.

Previously, we had stories from our users, when Yolla turned out to be a lifesaver: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Now, this is a different kind of story, a sad one. It came from one of our Russian users. Back then, he didn’t have Yolla to help him out, so he spent a lot of money on calls to Russia in roaming.

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keep in touch with family in the new year 2019 Fests

Don’t Lose Touch With Family in the New Year

Ho-ho-ho! Did you have a merry Christmas? How did you celebrate New Year 2019? You had a good time, didn’t you? We bet you did.

You probably spent the holidays with your family, visited your parents and grandparents, had a Christmas meal together, sang songs, shot fireworks and just had fun. And had that feeling…mhmm…as if you were a child again, a truly magic and unique time. What could possibly be better than celebrating the New Year with your close and loved ones, giving and receiving presents and just being together, right? Yeah, winter holidays, a wonderful time.

But now the merry days are over and you have to get back to your real life with a job, duties and other boring adult stuff. If only you could visit your relatives more often and have a nice time together like during Christmas and New Year celebrations…

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Call Your Parents and Wish Them a Merry Christmas Fests

Call Your Parents and Wish Them a Merry Christmas

Winter is coming not only in Game of Thrones but in real life as well. As December begins, Christmas time grows near and you feel magic in the air. Everyone’s decorating the Christmas tree, buying gifts and getting everything ready for the holidays. On December 25, all the family members gather under the same roof, unpack presents, share the Christmas meal and have a wonderful time together.

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Start Getting Free Credits for Your International Calls

In Yolla, we love making presents. And we know how do people love getting gifts. That’s why a while ago we came up with an idea of our Referral Program. Since then, every user can get lots of extra $3 by inviting friends. All they need to do is to share a personal referral link, and upon a friend follows it, installs the app and buys credits, both of them get $3.

That was fun. More and more users have become involved in the game, which made us thinking: why not to go further?

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Happy Lunar New Year

From Beijing to New York, today celebrations are spreading all over the world. Whether you belong to the Asian culture and follow the traditions or just want to have fun, check out the list of celebration hotspots worldwide. Top cities host parades, restaurants serve new year specialties, people are happy – aren’t that good pretty reasons to head off for a journey?

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